Beretta-OPTIMA HP /EXTENDED/Bore 18,60

Extended +20 mm - Gemini choke 12 Gauge Optima HP - Bore 18,60 model for hunting and clay shooting shotguns. Choke for shotguns: Beretta.

Ti 6Al-4V (grade 5) titanium

Known as the “strong suit” among titanium alloys, Ti 6Al-4V is the most commonly used. It represents 50% of total titanium consumption worldwide. Such alloy features high strength (900-1200 N/mm2) combined with an absolutely light weight, good formability and high corrosion resistance. Certainly one of our best applications of this material
are Geminis’ shooting choke tubes, which are used by enthusiasts and professionals who need and desire little (very little) weight at the muzzle end. The choke tubes made in titanium are subjected to DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. 

The DLC technical coating (Diamond Like Carbon) gives the choke tubes an appropriate colour and avoids annoying reflections, which could render the firearm visible. The DLC is a coating in "Amorphous Diamond" providing the choke tube with additional hardness (2500-3000 Hv), extraordinary abrasion and wear resistance, a low frictional coefficient (smoothness and anti-adhesion) and excellent chemical inertness.


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